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BE 2012 online activation failure

Created: 06 DEC 2012 • Updated: 12 DEC 2012 | 1 comentario
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Trying to activate an install of BE 2012 and after inputting the serial numbers it never proceeds beyond "Retrieving licenses."  After ensuring deactivation of services which could seemingly prevent network connectivity I still can't get it to activate.  Is there a way to manually test a connecting to the license servers?  Or alternatively is there a more detailed log entry I can search through to find out WHY I can't contact the web service ?

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el cuadro de los Backup_Exec


Check in bkupinst log if present in C-program data -symantec-logs

Else why don't you contact licesning on 18003272232 to get the SLF for BE 2012 and once they email you just import it and install BE 2012



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