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BE 2012 Reports don't work

Created: 19 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

Reports have previously been running and the User says "I didn't make any changes" however the reports have stopped running.

The Backups are running and are successful but when attempting a report to show the Backups and Status the last 5 days worth of backups no longer appear. When Checking the Alerts I get the following.

"The Backup Exec Job engine system is not respomnding" I have rebooted the server that it is running on and also Stopped all the services and restarted them again.


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el cuadro de los Backup_Exec


You have not mention any errors ,I would recommend checking the link below if it is similar to your issue


Else please try to make new customize report and then see if that works fine.



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el cuadro de los Dean D


I have someone working on it and will post if this resolves the issue.