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Can OpsCenter run on a VM, or does it have to be a physical server?

Created: 24 Oct 2012 | 4 comments

Can OpsCenter run on a VM, or does it have to be a physical server?



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el cuadro de los Marianne

It can be a VM. We have fairly large customers running OpsCenter on VMs.

Just take note of resource requirements in the manual.

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el cuadro de los thesanman

I run mine as Linux VM's with no issues.  Just make sure you allocate enough resources.

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el cuadro de los mansoor.sheik


We are running ops center in VM. As marianne said, please make sure of  the resource requiremnet.

el cuadro de los tom_sprouse


OpsCenter will run in a Virtual Machine, however, please note the following:

  • OpsCenter Server and Agent are supported in a VMware virtual machine guest operating system environment.  (Page 103 - OpsCenter Admin Guide http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC5042 )
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • OpsCenter does not collect data from the managed servers that are configured
    within a network address translation (NAT) network. (This could be an issue with some VM / Network Configurations)
  • The OpsCenter server should be configured as a fixed host with a static IP address
  • Minimum of 8GB of RAM - Recommended / Allocated to VM Host.
    If performance of the VM does not meet your needs, you can alway migrate the OpsCenter database to a physical host at a later date.

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