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Can't synchronise Journal mailbox

Created: 26 Febrero 2008 • Updated: 22 Mayo 2010 | 1 comentario
I'm running EV2007 SP2 with Exchange 2007 SP1, and it's been running for quite a few months now.  A while ago I created a new storage group for Journaling and moved the journal mailbox onto it.  After the move I began to receive errors in EVs eventlog stating that the journal mailbox can't be processed until the provisioning task runs.  The provisioning task runs twice a day, and the policy is for the whole organisation.  When I run the synchronisation task manually, it says the journal mailbox could not be synchronised.
This has not affected the journaling of all messages, that process continues to run normally.  But what it means is I can't synchronise the mailbox with AD, so if I give a user full mailbox rights in Exchange it does not transfer through to EV automatically. 
Any ideas?
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el cuadro de los TonySterling
Did you check the permission on the storage group are set correctly for the VSA?