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Central Quarantine on 64-bit

Created: 04 Sept 2012 | 5 comments


I read somewhere that most antivirus products doesnt need a central quarantine server theese days. But it seems that Scan Engine 5.2.13 does?

And the one shipped with Scan Engine doesnt support 64-bit, so do I have to install a seperate server with 32-bit to run Central Quarantine, or is there a way around this?

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el cuadro de los pete_4u2002

does this helps?

From version 3.6 also Windows 2008 32-bit and 64-bit is supported

System requirements for the Central Quarantine Server
Article:TECH182071  |  Created: 2012-02-23  |  Updated: 2012-07-28  |  Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH182071
el cuadro de los TSE-JDavis

What will you be using the Central Quarantine for?

el cuadro de los Tomas Carlbring

Ok, there is a 3.6 version? I think it was 3.1 that I got with Scan Engine.

Where do I find 3.6?

I have two newly installed Scan Engine servers to scan our shares on a NetApp SAN, and the idea is to install a Central Quarantine on one of them, as I understand that Scan Engine doesn't have a local quarantine. Does this sound right?

It would be nice to have them quarantined somewhere, for example if false positives would remove importent files from the shares.

I also just read a mail that Symantec™ Protection Engine 7.0 is soon to be released, do you know how this version handles this?

el cuadro de los TSE-JDavis

SPE 7.0 comes with Central Quarantine 3.6. Before 7.0, only virus detections were quarantined. Now in version 7.0 you can quarantine malformed container detections and encrypted file detections as well as threats.