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Computer installed two patches. When will Compliance report reflect it?

Created: 12 Enero 2013 • Updated: 14 Enero 2013 | 5 comments
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My test computer installed two Microsoft software security patches via Patch Management.  A few minutes after the install, I ran the "Windows Compliance by Bulletin" report, but it shows 0 for Installed (Count).  Should the NS already have the information or is something not working right?

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el cuadro de los andykn101

I think you have to wait for the "Windows System Assessment Scan" to run (Settings > All Settings > Software > Patch Management).

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el cuadro de los Roman Vassiljev

Hi ArthurV,

Do you still observe this issue? If yes, could you please clarify what version of Patch Management Solution are you using?

Thank you,

el cuadro de los ArthurV

I ran the compliance report 48 hours later and now it shows a Installed (Count) of 1 for each patch.  I am going to install another patch and run the Assessment Scan right afterwards to see if the report gets updated quicker.

el cuadro de los Andrew Bosch

For future reference, Patch will automatically run an assemssment scan right after it installs updates and immediately send the results.  However, there is an excpetion :)  If at least 1 update requires a restart after install, then the scan will be postponed until after the reboot.

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el cuadro de los ArthurV

Installed the same two patches on another computer.  Both patches require a reboot based on the "Computers Requiring Restart" report.  I manually ran the Assemssment Scan, but the compliance report doesn't reflect the correct number of installs.  I rebooted the computer and now the compliance report shows the correct number of installs.