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creating a new policy for new users for cd/dvd access monitoring in DLP symantec

Created: 13 Oct 2012 | 2 comments


i need to create a  new policy for new users. before they dont have cd/dvd access now they want to access cd/dvd drive. i need a policy to monitor those new users how can i create a policy can u please tell the procedure in DLP symantec.

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I am guessing that you arer reffering to the end point agent.

Create  new new name profile and go in and uncheck the box in the agent config...

I have enclosed a screen shot on the agent config

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is there any policy which is not allowing to access CD? is it DLP agent or anyother software? If becuase of DLP follow the above suggestion.

if DLP is causing check the notification and edit th epolicy that is dispalyed n notification to allow the CD/DVD