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Customizable Block message

Created: 14 Sept 2012 • Updated: 17 Sept 2012 | 4 comments
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I would like to know how to customize the Block message header used in Response Rules for Endpoint?  I am able to modify the message in the alert box and I'm familiar with the check boxes, however I would like to change the header.

By default, it reads: Blocked: confidential data detected.

I may be asking for too much here, but I would like to edit the header as well as add a company style logo as well.


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el cuadro de los stumunro

these are created under the response rules, i do not believe that there is a way to include a jpg, tiff or any other type of extension. sounds like you used a solution pack to get the rules?

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Technically, there isn't a "header" to modify for the Block method for an Endpoint response rule. You modify headers for the SMTP block for Network Prevent.

In the Endpoint block automatic response, you can change the values in the block text to read whatever you would like. I've never tried to link an image or use HTML in that field, though it may work. I'd try setting up the text block area to read like a simple HTML page and see if that works.


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Currently, we don't have the ability to include an image (company logo) in the message body of the pop-up notification window. This has been requested by others though and PM is aware of this requested function. I'm assuming here that this is all centered around the pop-up message, and when you say Header you really mean the Title Bar of the pop-up window. If this is the case, you can change the Block title using the Advanced Configuration settings under the Agent Configuration page. There are 2 settings to look for:

  • UI.MONITOR_MSG_TITLE.str - This will adjust the message title for a Notification pop-up message
  • UI.PREVENT_MSG_TITLE.str - This will adjust the message title for a Block pop-up message

These should allow you to modify the message that appears in the title bar as requested.

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el cuadro de los justscott

Exactly what I was looking for!  Thank you!

It seems that most of my answers can be found under 'configuration - advanced settings'.