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Detect PGP - encrypted file

Created: 13 Agosto 2012 • Updated: 13 Agosto 2012 | 1 comentario

Is there a way to detect if the file is encrypted by PGP using Symantec PGP SDK ?  Looks like Symantec DLP (Vontu)  can detect PGP-encrypted file, but I do not see any calls in PGP SDK to help detect encrypted file. No decryption required, just detection.

Thanks !

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el cuadro de los Fabiano.Pessoa

There are several ways, one of them in the same file transfer network.
But to detect whether it is safe or if encrypts the exact moment of execution, a good policy and comendavel because some applications can even steal information normally. one of them is using social engineering technique d with the tool backtrack


Fabiano Pessoa

Systems Analyst - Forensic Expert