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Different between agent based and agent less deployment

Created: 30 Agosto 2013 | 2 comments
el cuadro de los Atif

Hey Guys,

I need to know what are the scanning, reporting and feature differences between agent based and agentless host compliance check CCS -- Standards Manager.

Operating Systems:

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el cuadro de los Matt Plourde


  • Typically an easier setup & management than agents
  • Requires many additional ports for Windows
  • Credentials required to collect data
  • Only RAW data collection

Agent Based

  • A tad more complicated to setup (especially if you decide to do Message-based data collection)
  • Only communicates on 1 or 2 configurable, high ports
  • No credentials needed to collect data
  • Must manage the agents to keep them up to date
  • You have the option of RAW or Message-Based data collection
  • A few more supported platforms (AS400, DB2, Sybase SQL)

So far, I don;t have enough data to make speed comparisons. In theory an agent should be faster, but I've seen evidence opposite of that in some environments.

I'd also argue that RAW data collection is FAR superior to Message-based. So, the "limitation" of agentless only being able to collect RAW shouldn't always be viewed as such.

Hope that helps!