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DLO 5 users Free with BackupExec for Win Server

Created: 01 Sept 2011 • Updated: 15 Nov 2011 | 2 comments
el cuadro de los TrevinoS
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Hello I need to know if it is possible that the 5 users free DLO who server Windows comes with the license from for BackupExec 2010, can install in another server who already this in production with a console DLO and BE 2010 for win server

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el cuadro de los pkh

I don't see a way to transfer the 5 free DLO licence to another server because these comes with the base BE and there is no licence key involved.  If there is a licence key, then you can enter the licence key on the other server as a way to "transfering" the licence.

You can check with Symantec LIcencing on this.

el cuadro de los TrevinoS

Thanks, I have e-mail Symantec....waiting for Answer.....