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DLP - Let user Decide

Created: 24 Enero 2013 | 2 comments

I have not installed or tried out Symanted DLP yet so I wanted to ask you a quick pre-sales qestion.

  We are currently using CheckPoint for DLP.  Currently when an email is blocked due to DLP it will notify the user and will let the user to decided if the email should be blocked or allowed using links provided in the email. So the user will click on one of the links (Block/Allow) in the email and the email will continue to be delivered or blocked.  And we are looking to see if Symantec DLP has that type of feature where the users has some kind of control on DLP Blocked Emails, where they can decide if the email should continue to be delivered or not-? 

thank you

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in the email blocking is done by a respone rule, it will allow you to block encrypt or allow.

so this way if the message has the sensitive information you can encrypt it...

the newest version of symantec encryption is rebuilt to integrate very closely with gateway email encryption, some of my clients are not renewing their iron ports and are adding message gateway and tie it all together. Under this new setup DLP is actually doing the encryption so you do not have to log into encryption server to confirm it was encrypted DLP tells you it was.



hope these links help and explain what is new...

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is it coming from DLP or email solution you using ?