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Dlp Query for Data Security

Created: 24 Mayo 2013 • Updated: 24 Mayo 2013 | 5 comments
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If i boot my system with a bootable CD and try to copy information on my pen drive through command prompt, how dlp can help us protect the information in such scenario?

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el cuadro de los W007


May be That scenario you can be able to copy such type data in pendrive because your DLP service are not running tht time. you can using different OS version where DLP client are not available.if you want to protect this type information you need to encrypted your disk.

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el cuadro de los pete_4u2002

do you mean you have sensitive data on bootable disk?

el cuadro de los technical_specialist


I mean that if in case i am running my system with bootable disk and it come in command prompt then data will be secure or i can easily copy the data in USB without raising any incedent?

el cuadro de los stumunro

Technical specialist

it wont, if the system never boots the endpoint agent service never starts. Lets go with password ptotecting the bios and disabling boot from usb/or optical drive.

el cuadro de los technical_specialist

Thanks a lot, i have update the same thing to my secuirty engineer.