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Enterprise Vault safety copies & Centera

Created: 17 Abril 2013 • Updated: 30 Abril 2013 | 5 comments
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A question on Enterprise Vault backup & safety copies when using EMC Centera. I'm aware that any archived email is not removed from the source mailbox until the centera replicates that content to the replication partner by configurable options at partition level. This mechanism protects the actual archived data should there be a failure, but how about SQL as there is no mechanism to track whether the SQL database for a given Vault store is backed up before a safety copy is removed from Mailbox?. I would like to know if there is an option to ensure EV checks both Centera backup (replication) and also SQL database backup before removing safety copies. I think the EV scripts will not be helpful here unlike it does when using NTFS based partitions...

Any thoughts around this?

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el cuadro de los Tremaine

If you deselect the option to 'Scan the partition' every X interval on the Partition - Backup Tab, then post processing is only performed on that partition when you take the store out of backup mode or if the Storage Service happens to be restarted (Granted the latter is imperfect however you do still have more control over it). In this instance you can still use normal backup scripts to put EV into backup mode, do whatever you need to do for SQL and then resume normal operations again.

el cuadro de los ecrgvp

Thanks. I'm eager to know if there is a way to update missing entries in the Vault store SQL database tables should there be an issue with the same (say database corruption). I knew EVSVR when run in repair mode can read the DVS files and create missing SQL entries, hwever not sure if that would work for Centera based partitions.


el cuadro de los Tremaine

Yes it will work for the Centera partitions as well.

el cuadro de los ecrgvp


Looks like EVSVR is only supported for Exchange Mailbox and FSA archives. Is it correct?. Did anyone try using it on Journal archives?.

el cuadro de los JesusWept3

Every archive is agnostic, doesn't matter the source