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Enterprise Vault Service Account and Corresponding Database Security Permissions

Created: 26 Febrero 2008 • Updated: 19 DEC 2012 | 3 comments
el cuadro de los DP
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What database level privileges does the Enterprise Vault service account require for optimum application functionality?
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el cuadro de los TonySterling
For Installing, Upgrading, and action that requires creating a new database like enabling Auditing or creating a new Vault Store EV needs DB Creators.
From the Install and Config guide:
"The Vault Service account must have a SQL login account, with Database Creators permission, for the SQL Server"
When the application creates the databases it will make the VSA the DBO of the databases. 
el cuadro de los DP
I moved the databases from one SQL 2005 Server to another, but the DB Administrators did not assign the DBO permission to the service account.  According to your previous explenation, the DBO permission is needed.  Correct?
Also, when I create/modify the System DSN's to make sure EV is pointing to the new database, should I use the service account or the SQL "sa" account?