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EV 10 change alias dns prefix

Created: 04 Sept 2012 • Updated: 20 Sept 2012 | 7 comments
el cuadro de los Vlad2010
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Have a situation that client uses two DNS names ( Internal and external ). EV Alias created using internal DNS as abc.local. Also second zone exist as abc.com.

Client want Outlook and OWA work with EV.

We created external DNS A record as vault.abc.com pointed to external IP, internal DNS entry A record vault.abc.com pointing to internal IP, create rule in Firewall.

Netscaller used as reverse proxy and EV published as HTTPS from outside to dmz and http from DNZ to LAN ( Netscaller used to offload SSL as well)

It does not work, because shortcut stemped with vault.abc.local.

My question is anyway to configure translation from abc.com to abc.local using Reverse Proxy r changing alias to abc.com prefix will solve situation?

Thank you in advance.

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el cuadro de los Andrew G.

This tech note explains how to configure OWA to use internal / external URLs


el cuadro de los Vlad2010

Read this tech note . It does not help me in my situation specialy with Outlook Anywhere where you have two DNs names.

I had almost same situation before and we opened case with Symantec support. No help for two weeks. After two weeks Suppot sent us same doc which nothing to do with situation we had.

That why i am asking if someone had same scenario or know what best approach to fix it.

Thank you

el cuadro de los Andrew G.

Sorry, I saw you mentioned OWA and pointed you to the OWA tech note.

Have you seen this one for Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP)?


Try setting it to use proxy and specify the external URL in the RPC over HTTP URL, ie. https://vault.abc.com/enterprisevault

el cuadro de los ZeRoC00L

You will have to configure Link Translation.

Symantec has provided the instructions for this for Microsoft ISA 2006:


For other products (like netscaler) check the product documentation at Citrix.

(for the netscaler it is called URL transform: http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX124732 )

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el cuadro de los Vlad2010

Thank you for your replies!

Not sure that URL transform will help here. Shortcut stemped with vault.abc.local and it not resolvable from outside.

el cuadro de los Andrew G.

I think the URL transform is if you have links embedded in the body of the shortcut. The proxy might be able to change those so they refer to the correct URL. I'm not sure this would work with RPC/HTTP rather than if the links were in HTML, depends on how clever the proxy server is.

The RPC over HTTP URL is used by the Outlook addin though, for example when the user double clicks the shortcut to open it. The ids on the shortcut properties will then be passed to the EV server via that URL rather than being used as the address to access it. Hence it doesn't matter what the alias is on the shortcut.

el cuadro de los Vlad2010

Thank you very much for your help. guys!

Sorry for late responce. We changed advanced Outlook policy as proxy, Netscaller person done changes and all is working now!