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EV 10; Domino-Archiving: Changes in EVDGMail.ntf

Created: 18 DEC 2012 • Updated: 15 Enero 2013 | 3 comments
el cuadro de los Kai Schröer
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Hello everybody,

one of our customer need more detailed information about the file EVDGMail.ntf (EV10) and the difference to evdgmail_85.ntf. In which way is this file backwards compatible?

I know the Explanation from Symantec :

This is the template used by the temporary databases created in the EV folder on the Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway server during the item retrieval process.

The master template name of EVDGMail.ntf is EVDGMail.

Source: http://www.symantec.com/docs/HOWTO57441

Did anybody know detailed Information what will be happen with the installed templates?

Thanks and Kind Regards


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el cuadro de los Kai Schröer

Nobody an idea?

@Symantec-Staff: Would the Support give me an answer on this question, if I open a case?


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el cuadro de los Paul Honey


From EV9 SP1 onwards, we updated the retrieval architecture to retrieve items directly to the user mail file, rather than to the EV_********.nsf temporary database on the EVDG. This was an important change to resolve a number of known problems with retrieving items only to the temporary database.

This change basically retired the evdg_*.ntf templates (where the * represented various versions) and introduced a new generic template called evdgmail.ntf.

The temporary databases on the EVDG still exist, as they are required to initiate the retrieval process. However, as these databases no longer contain and render the retrieved item to the client (as the item is rather retrieved to the user's mail file), their design is more lightweight, an dhence is provided by this new evdgmail.ntf template.

I hope that sufficiently answers the question for your customer. If they require more detailed information, then I would suggest you open a case and request that it is escalated to CFT, my team, and I'd be happy to provide it.



Paul Honey | Enterprise Vault Engineering | Customer Focus Team (CFT) | Symantec Corporation | www.symantec.com

el cuadro de los Kai Schröer

Hello Paul,

thanks for this Information.

Kind Regards


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