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EV 10 SP3 SharePoint archiving

Created: 17 Julio 2013 • Updated: 22 Abril 2014 | 6 comments
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Dose the same apply for Sharepoint archiving?

Note: There are no shortcuts created

If there are any documents deleted from file sharepoint, is there a way to delete those documents from Sharepoint archive?

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el cuadro de los Advisor

No there is no such a feature in SharePoint archiving.

el cuadro de los Advisor

I hope that helps..

el cuadro de los Bruce Crankshaw2

Technically the data is removed from SP and replaced with a seamless shortcut. You'll know it is archived as the item will 4 KB or similar in size

el cuadro de los ManishN

Yes Bruce you are right however the size will always be 1KB in Sharepoint once the item is archived, provided policy is set to create shortcut.



el cuadro de los rajesh velagapudi

If shotcuts are created, can user delete documents from EV archive?

el cuadro de los Bruce Crankshaw2

If you have rights you can delete the SP items in the archive but that would mean that you need to remove the seamless shortcut from SP or you will have an error when you try to open the Shortcut