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EV buttons missing after reinstalling OWA extensions on 2007 CAS servers.

Created: 03 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

We have EV 9.0.3, exchange 2007 Mbx servers and seperate CAS servers, due to issue on CAS server it has been re-formatted and EV OWA extensions have been re-installed but while accessing through OWA EV buttons are missing.

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el cuadro de los Danish A

Copied old web.config and smallIcons.xml file and restarted IIS .

Now, EV buttons are appearing as red cross buttons.

Need your suggestions to resolve the issue.

el cuadro de los ZeRoC00L

Does the new CAS server has the same IP-address as the old server ?

If not, you will have to add the ip to the file exchangeservers.txt on the EV server, and rerun the owauser.wsf script.

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el cuadro de los Danish A

The new CAS server has the same old IP-Address.

I have reinstalled the OWA extensions again and now the EV buttons are appearing but only Search Archive option  is not working .