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EV9 PST Import

Created: 06 Sept 2012 • Updated: 07 Nov 2012 | 6 comments
el cuadro de los SYMAJ
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I had a failure (due to lack of space on the EV server and the services stopped) when importing a PST into EV9, and in order to resolve this I did the following:

Deleted the Archive, Synchronised the mailbox, ran the Shortcut Processing element of the archive task

When I start the PST import task now it seems to try and pick up where it left off. It says 'scanning' on most of the folders - then where it failed it starts to 'migrate' the items.  Now in hindsight if I had known this I wouldn't have deleted the archive - but I did.

How can I get it to start the import from the beginning again ?  The archive is currently empty.


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el cuadro de los TonySterling

Do you have a backup copy of the PST?  You can use that one to start your import over.

el cuadro de los SYMAJ

No - I exported the archive to a PST then deleted the archive, re-synched, updated shortcuts in mailbox then started the import.  This was done to resolve issues wiith index failures etc.

The only copy of the PST I have is the one I am using here.


el cuadro de los WiTSend

Your only option at this point would be to  restore the Vault Store from backup and go through the disaster recovery process.

el cuadro de los SYMAJ

Thanks for the input, but surely there is an easier option ?

I am 'repairing' these few archives prior to moving all the archives to a new EV10 environment.  The old EV9 environment will be live for users until their archives are moved to the new environment, therefore as I have moved a number already I don't really want to have to restore the entire archive. 

There must be a marker somewhere, external to the PST I would assume (or is it marking inside the PST) ?  I need to remove that marker and then be in a position to import the entire PST again.

Any suggestions ?


el cuadro de los SYMAJ

After further investigation the site in question allocated a new drive for the partitions some time ago, and did not add this drive to the backup (no EV agent in use).  Therefore the latest partition which is on the new drive - in use for the past 6 months) did not have a backup (it does now.....) so restoring the partitions is not an option.

Are we sure there is no utility which will 'reset' the PST so that import will sttart at the beginning instead of where it left off last time ?



el cuadro de los TonySterling

Unfortunately if you open that PST you will find that those items are no longer present, so you can't just reset it.