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Exchange 2010 Log files and GRT

Created: 04 Sept 2012 | 1 comentario

I am having an issue where our Journal Log DB fails when trying to backup.  After looking through NBU logs and Activity Monitor, it seems like the culprit is GRT.  I currently have one Exchange policy that does a backup of the entire DAG. 

My question to the community is, 1.  Do I have to enable GRT for Journal Logs or any log database for that matter and 2. Would it be wise to just create two policies, one for the Mailboxes and and another for the Logs?

I am running NBU across the board and all GRT pre-requistes have been installed and configured on the master, media and client servers.

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With any GRT issue, the first thing you should test is the backup without GRT.  GRT has a lot of additional configuration and permission requirements ( please see http://www.symantec.com/docs/HOWTO73076  Everything you need to know to get Exchange Granular backups to work. )

GRT is not a requirement but an added feature.  It allows you to restore at the most granular level (ex : an individual piece of mail ) rather than the whole database. 

Please reply back with your policy information and what type of errors you are receiving.