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Export Time Worked

Created: 02 Enero 2013 • Updated: 02 Enero 2013 | 4 comments

Hello Everyone -

I'm looking for a way to export the time worked and basic information about the ticket... incident #, technician, etc. I want to export this and import it monthly into my time tracking system so that we don't each have to manually type it in. Does anyone have any ideas where to start or have a process in place?

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el cuadro de los reecardo

You can make a custom report (or use a canned report, if one of the built-in reports meets your needs) and then either manually use the Export to Excel/Export to CSV functionality on the report (click the report, and the options appear when you click the lightning bolt) or set up the report to occur on a schedule (can be set up under Admin - Reports - Report Schedule List). Scheduled report results can be created as files or sent as emails in either an Excel, CSV, or HTML format.

If you're using the schedule option, you might be able to setup an automatic process: make a monitoring workflow that either checks a file location (or monitors a mailbox), and then parses the data and enters into your system (if your system has an API that workflow can work with)

el cuadro de los Steven Mays

Reecardo -

I looked through the data and columns on the report builder and don't see anything about Time Spent. Do you know what field this is in the report builder?

el cuadro de los michael.george

Have you added 'Process Timing' to the report from the left hand side? That should give you time spent and a more human readable time spent description column.

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el cuadro de los Steven Mays

Got it Michael... Thanks. This is a big help.