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Extending the storage capacity for backup exec 3600 appliance

Created: 15 Febrero 2013 • Updated: 10 Abril 2013 | 3 comments
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Dear team,

The backup exec appliance has storage capacity of 5.5 Tb. I want to add extra storage to my production site.

Can i add another NAS appliance say from Buffalo to my production site. If yes, Will I be able to back up my data to this Buffalo NAS appliance if data exceeds capacity on Backup exec appliance.

Please reply

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Please check page number 18 from below admin guide for appliance which refer about tape drive and auto loader compatible with appliance so you can connect the tape drive ,NAS is not listed here....

Hope that helps


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Here is a quote from page 7 of the BE 2012 HCL, BE 2012 HCL

Any Disk Target (B2D) device seen in the Disk Storage or Disk Cartridge sections with "Connectivity" of USB or CIFS are supported for use with the appliance.
You can check the HCL to make sure that it is supported before connecting it to the BE 3600 Appliance.
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I've got some customers who needed more thatn the 5.5TB in the BE appliance. They have made use of NAS in the following way:

  • Backup to BE 3600
  • Reduce the amount of time the data remains on the appliance from 4 to 2 weeks (this obviously depends on circumstances)
  • Replicate to a NAS
  • Keep on NAS box for longer than BE appliance
  • (in come cases) also replicate to Tape for long term storage for regulatory reasons.

The NAS is just presented to the appliance as a network share. Bear in mind that the relication to the NAS will be slower as the data needs to be rehydrated.