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find the low disk systems count

Created: 23 Abril 2012 • Updated: 02 Mayo 2012 | 10 comments
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With the help of symantec server how can i find the low disk systems count?

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el cuadro de los hj1979

Below is the link of tool download that tool and copy on Server. In this tool you can able to find the data of low disk space systems hostname/IP.

Also it help to show the corrupted system count and hostname or Gup health status.


This tool is very helpfull.



el cuadro de los pathi

Hi Hemant,

I have already this tool but it show only 200 MB systems. I need to find minimum 1GB systems in Single click.

el cuadro de los Sumit G


I have one query which you can use in (https://www-secure.symantec.com/connect/downloads/sep-content-distribution-monitor) that help you to find the hostname and diskspace size in single click from your sep DB...


SELECT computer_name, AGENT.FREE_DISK/1048576 from SEM_AGENT as AGENT LEFT OUTER JOIN V_SEM_COMPUTER as COMP ON AGENT.COMPUTER_ID = COMP.COMPUTER_ID LEFT OUTER JOIN IDENTITY_MAP as ID_MAP ON ID_MAP.ID = AGENT.GROUP_ID where AGENT.FREE_DISK/1048576 < 1000 (you can able to change the last value 1000 as per you want)

Below link for SQL Query


Hope it can help you.


Sumit G.

el cuadro de los pete_4u2002

open SEPM console, goto Clients tab instead of default view, select client system. this will list clients and the drive space available.

el cuadro de los NRaj

Open reporting console > logs > computer status > choose the appropriate groups & other options > view log

This log will give you the list of machines with their disk space.

el cuadro de los greg12

Additionally to the proposals above, you can use the "Search Clients" feature. E.g., if you want to get all clients with a free disk space lower than 4 GB, you can do the following:

Clients > Clients tab > Search clients

Your form should look like this:

el cuadro de los pathi

It will take some time to search and it manually activity

el cuadro de los pete_4u2002

then may be check  SEPM console and view the clients and sort by the disk drive space.

el cuadro de los greg12

All methods presented here are doing the same -- searching the SEPM database. I don't believe there are big differences.

el cuadro de los pete_4u2002

Thumbs up to Greg12!

it looks easier way to search clients running low disk