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How to Backup VM's with Backup Exec 2010

Created: 03 Mayo 2010 • Updated: 03 Nov 2010 | 1 comentario

I currently have 4 ESX hosts all running VShpere4 with approximately 25 Vm's per host. How can I exclude or include Vm's on a host when DRS is enabled? The VM's are constantly moving around while the Virtual environment balances itself out. Also how can I exclude certain VM's that I do not want backed up?

Thank you in advance.

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el cuadro de los Ben L.

Are you running vCenter as well to manage your ESX hosts? If so, you can add the vCenter host into Backup Exec then select the VM's you want to backup from under the vCenter.  When the selection is done like this it doesn't matter which host the VM is on.

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