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How can i know which expired backup set is going to be deleted ?

Created: 17 Julio 2013 • Updated: 22 Julio 2013 | 1 comentario
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I am using backup exec 2012 to back up to disk.
I know that there is a system called DLM and it will deleted the expired backup set.

Can I use the command line interface to get the list of which .bkf are going to be deleted by DLM ?


B2D000001.bkf        (expired)

B2D000002.bkf        (expired)

B2D000003.bkf        (Not yet expired)

B2D000004.bkf        (Not yet expired)

Then i want to get a list which tell me B2D000001.bkf & B2D000002.bkf are going to be deletd.


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When the DLM cycle occurs ALL bkf files marked as expired get deleted (unless they have a dependent incremental or differential set, or have been manually protected by the admin) It is not like an overwrite where only 1 piece of media is affected it is a housekpeeing task that identifies all.

I am not aware of a command line tool or report, although I belive you can use the ShowHiddenMedia registry key so that then when you look at the Expired Backup sets you can see the BKF file names.