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How to Find Items Not Archived to EV?

Created: 19 Sept 2012 • Updated: 16 Oct 2012 | 4 comments
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We are testing archiving entire mailboxes of former employees. Our test account shows 25715 items in Exchange Management Console (Exchange 2010), but the usage.asp report shows only 25610 items archived to EV.

Is there any way to determine what items are not archived to EV?


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el cuadro de los Frank.Beck

This excellent script by Rob Wilcox might help:


It will at give you a list of all of the message classes - this will help you customize your policy to archive additional message classes that you may have missed off or allow you to disregard the left over content as necessary.

el cuadro de los RahulG

Did try running the mailbox archiving task in report mode?

el cuadro de los JesusWept3

Another thing you can do for people that have left the company is to delete the original item and not create a shortcut, that way whatever is left in the mailbox, has not been archived

el cuadro de los mgodwin

Update: In our case, the extra items were old appointment invites that were never responded to, so we just ignored them.