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How to monitor netbackup

Created: 04 DEC 2012 • Updated: 06 DEC 2012 | 7 comments
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I want to monitor netbackup .

Please provide any monitor tool.

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el cuadro de los W007

HI Abid,

You can use OpsCenter

How OpsCenter collects data from NetBackup

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el cuadro de los RamNagalla

would be better if you are more specific your requirement...

OpsCenter is the good tool to moniter it..

but it always better if you are clear about the requirement before you decide someting..

el cuadro de los revarooo

What exactly do you want to monitor? The Java/Admin Console will monitor jobs and allow configuration of policies, storage units, devices, storage servers, volume pools, media server settings, master server settings, client settings etc etc etc etc

el cuadro de los Abid_Husain


@Revaroo I know this is possible for netbackup console.

I want to check how much data backup has been done specify time period.

el cuadro de los RamNagalla

hi Abid,

as i suggested erlier, OpsCenter would help you to get all this info in hisotrical and perodic maner, its also customisable.

Basic Opscenter does not require any license , and you can downlowad it from symantec fileconnect.