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how to navigate to the unmanaged software list in Software Catalog

Created: 16 Enero 2013 • Updated: 17 Enero 2013 | 5 comments
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Running Altiris 7.1 sp2 and I would like to know how to navigate to the unmanaged software list in the software catalog.    Currenlty we have about 4200 software in this list.   

I know that when you go to the software catalog, it has a pop up which allows you to move newly discovered software to the managed or unmanaged list   

I have on occasion during the move been directed to the unmanaged list.   This list (displayed in the center column) allows me to click on a software and it shows me the list of computers with the software installed.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

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el cuadro de los mclemson

Managed software products are those that are deliverable, licensed, inventoried/installed, or metered.  Otherwise it sounds like you understand the interface.  Maybe I've missed your question.  What do you need help with?

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
Intuitive Technology Group -- Symantec Platinum Partner

el cuadro de los Tim.Jing

It's Manage -> Software Catalogue on Client facing servers.

What he's looking for is the Unmanaged Software Filter, but I cant find that in our Altiris 7.1 MP1. It shows up in search with an exclamation beside it.

el cuadro de los Andrew Bosch

We went back and forth as to whether or not this list should be shown as a default saved search.  Ultimately it was decided to hide it for now.  If you really want it to show up in the list so that you can see which computers have the software installed, use this query to unhide it:

--Get the State column of the Unmanaged Software Saved Search and convert it to XML


SELECT @State = CAST(State AS XML)


WHERE Guid = '6BF8D972-5F63-45F3-9958-DE9F48E03041' --Unmanaged Software Saved Search

--Now modify the default value of "False" and set it to "True"

SET @State.modify('replace value of (/item/visibleInActivityCenter/text())[1] with "True"')

--Commit the change to the database (this will overwrite the previous State column!)



WHERE Guid = '6BF8D972-5F63-45F3-9958-DE9F48E03041'

Sr. Principal SQA Engineer

el cuadro de los dainese51

thanks Andrew.  I actually called Support and they did not know how to get this information.   Is there a reason why when I was moving newly discovered software into the unmanaged list, sometimes this search results appear automatically? 

el cuadro de los Andrew Bosch

I honestly don't have a good answer as to why it sometimes appears when moving software.  I think it's a "fallback" list, in that if it can't find the software elsewhere it will show this list hoping it's in there.

Please remember that if a new version of ITMS is released (and you upgrade) that this database change will get overwritten and the saved search will be hidden again :)

Sr. Principal SQA Engineer