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How to obtain "CheckSumMedia.exe"

Created: 07 Agosto 2013 • Updated: 07 Agosto 2013 | 9 comments


I'm having some trouble creating installation media for BackupExec, as the disks I've created so far always produce a CRC error when attempting to install.

The .CMD file that merges the two downloaded parts of the zip, makes reference to a "checkSumMedia.exe" utility and I've failed to locate it anywhere or even any other reference to it.

Does anybody know where it's available from as I've already got enough coasters!  :)


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el cuadro de los Kunal.Mudliyar

Pease download the setup file here and dont worry about the corrupt CRC


Have a look at this as well


For BE 2012


(Need login with the symantec account)

Technical Support


el cuadro de los Dazzer64

Thanks, I'll try the alternative download for 2010 and see if the ISO then works without corruption.

I wish I didn't have to worry about the CRC error, except it stops the installation, so I'm not able to ignore it.

The 2012 download is the same as I have already used a few times. I'll perserver and try it again though.

Thanks again

el cuadro de los Kunal.Mudliyar

I understand.

At what stage is it killing the installation.?

I have seen CRC errors if one of the parts of the 4 parted nstallation media goes corrupt maybe due to internet timeout or website issues.

Technical Support


el cuadro de los Dazzer64

Thanks, I realise what the cause maybe, but as Symantec have created the .CMD file, I'd wrongly asumed the CheckSumMedia  utility was available.

I'l perservere and see where I get to later.

el cuadro de los pkh

You can use an ISO program to extract the files from the ISO image to a directory and then install from that directory.  This will ensure that the files are O.K.

el cuadro de los Dazzer64

Thanks, however, the systems are sandboxed (isolated) so we still need to move the ISO file and burning a disc is (should be!) the easiest method

el cuadro de los pkh

You can use the extraction as a check for bad ISO before burning the ISO onto a disc.

el cuadro de los GrayFog

So nobody knows this Tool "CheckSumMedia"?


IF NOT EXIST "CheckSumMedia.exe" ( set vcode=1 )
IF NOT EXIST "CheckSumMedia.exe.config" ( set vcode=1 )
IF NOT EXIST "CheckSum.dll" ( set vcode=1 )
IF NOT EXIST "manifest.csm" ( set vcode=1 )
@rem If validation files are present, ask user to verify.
if "%vcode%" == "0" goto :prompt
goto :assemble
el cuadro de los Colin Weaver

Hmm not sure what that EXE is myself, however typical problems with the component downloads are that the files end up with different extensions because of the way the operating system downloads from the internet.

Make sure that the filenames of the downloaded files, match those used in the text of the command file that assmebled the files into one file.

Also run the .CMD file in an already open command prompt with all the files in the same folder as then any error messages should be visible.