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how to remove a client pc from the database

Created: 17 Enero 2013 • Updated: 18 Enero 2013 | 7 comments
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I have removed a client machine from the console and also have uninstalled the agent. How would i go about also removing from the database?


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el cuadro de los Franky33

Is there something more simple, i just have to remove one machine.

el cuadro de los Andrew Bosch

If you delete it from the console, you have deleted it from the database.  Go to Manage->Computers, right click on the machine you want to remove and select Delete.  Have you already done this and you are noticing that something is still in the database?

Sr. Principal SQA Engineer

el cuadro de los Franky33

I read on another post that even if i delete from the console i still have to delete from the database.

el cuadro de los Ashish-Sharma


Check this


What can be done when license counts have been exceeded in Patch Management Solution?

Article:HOWTO8852  |  Created: 2008-04-21  |  Updated: 2012-11-08  |  Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/HOWTO8852


Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma



el cuadro de los mclemson

If you deleted it from the console, you deleted it from the database.  I'm not sure what you read elsewhere, but the computer no longer exists in the database once you delete it.

Does this help?

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
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