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Imaging in a hierarchy question

Created: 17 DEC 2012 | 1 comentario
el cuadro de los SonicGT

Due to the size of our company I will have 2 child Servers and 1 Parent.   Each child server will manage a perticular portion of the environment.  So sellers will go to NS1 and others will go to the other (NS2).  We typically image most machines in one location and ship to the sellers.  Since that location will point to NS2, is there a best practice to use when imaging to not have duplicate records and have to do cleanup?

Essentially we will have to image off of NS2 which will have PXE for bare metal then once the image is complete re-point the agent to NS1.  I'm assuming if we have our image job on NS2 install the agent pointing to NS1 then the job wont finish since it was on the other server.

Any thoughts or recommendations on the best method to accomplish what I'm trying to do?  Reimages shouldn't be a problem since we intend to use automation folders and wont have to rely on the pxe that is part of the NS2 site server.

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el cuadro de los andykn101

You can set up a Site Server with Deployment Services for NS1 in a dedicated VLAN in your build area at the location where everything else points to NS2.

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