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import security patch SWU policy between 2 SMP 7.1 environments

Created: 17 Enero 2013 | 2 comments

Hell there,

We have one SMP 7.1 environment for the lab servers and one SMP 7.1 enviroment for prodution servers.  I have done the Metadata PMImport, downloaded the bulletins, revised them,  a January SWU policy has been created for the SMP 7.1 lab environment. Would you please advise how could i copy the January SWU policy, together with the updates from SMP 7.1 lab environment to SMP 7.1 production environment, please?

Thank you very much,


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el cuadro de los Andrew Bosch

Not going to be easy.  Problem is, that each NS is different in the GUIDs it assigns to Patch packages in the database.  Your only option is probably going to be to export just the policies you've created, import them into the other NS and then run a PMImport, which should kick off the Revise Software Updates task at the end.  I guess what you could also do is copy over the entire folder structure of downloaded patches since those should remain consistent.  PMImport *should* see the packages have already been downloaded and simply "fix" the policy and make sure everything is properly aligned/configured.

Sr. Principal SQA Engineer

el cuadro de los Charlie D Tran

Thanks so much, Andrew.

1/ I found export features in NS for first  time. I'd rather have you drop a few lines to how to export SWU policy, since i'd bet it is best practice from your experience, please.

2/ "... copy over the entire folder structure of downloaded patches ... " would save a lot of times and network bandwidth, would you please give me a little more details of where are those folder structures, please.

Thanks again so much for your times and great support,