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Incremental need a full backup to work, is a synthetic ok?

Created: 16 Nov 2012 • Updated: 16 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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Hi, in the doc it say:

Backup Exec adds the time of the backup to the Backup Exec Database only if the full backup job completes successfully. If it does not complete successfully, subsequent differential or incremental backup jobs back up all of the data instead of only the data that changed.

Does a synthetic backup that complete successfully will make the next incremental backup work, or it really need a full backup?

thank you,

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el cuadro de los Donald Eady

You must run the Full backup for the incremental or differential backup to be successful as they are dependant on the Full. 


Let me Clarify my above statement... 

 You can run your incremental backups off of a synthetic backup but you must periodically run a base/full backup to ensure that there is not corruption. 



FUll      INC    INC      INC      INC   INC    INC

SYNTH  INC   INC      INC      INC   INC    INC 

SYNTH  INC   INC      INC      INC   INC    INC

SYNTH  INC   INC      INC      INC   INC    INC

Full        INC   INC      INC      INC   INC    INC

SYNTH  INC   INC      INC      INC   INC    INC

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el cuadro de los Donald Eady

Hey here a Tech doc for your Review as well 

2010 but applicable 


I hope this posting was helpful