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License Key for Trial version of Symantec System Recovery 2013

Created: 03 Abril 2013 | 8 comments

Any idea where I can get a trial license for System Recovery 2013? When trying the product (Backup My Computer), it requests a license key.

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el cuadro de los Chris Riley

So it sounds like you are trying to do a cold backup (cold backup = backup via the recovery disk when the operating system is not running). Correct?

This is one thing that you cannot do in trial mode.

Is there any reason why you are not doing a 'hot' backup (with operating system running)?

el cuadro de los maltareef

No reason other than trying the software.

BTW, do you mean by 'hot' backup using Windows utilities or is there a Symantec product that provides such a funtion?

el cuadro de los Chris Riley

With System Recovery, there are two ways of backing up a machine:

  1. Hot backup = install the product in Windows and run a backup with the operating system running. This is the most common method of backing up.
  2. Cold backup = boot off the recovery disk and run a backup with the operating system not running.

As you are in trial mode, you should probably do hot backups as cold backups require a license key (you would need to contact your local Symantec sales team to see if they can provide you with a temp key if you really want to test this feature).

Hope that helps.

el cuadro de los Jaydeep S

Try to proceed with a Blank license key, If you are installing for the first time, it should go in Evaluation / Trial mode

el cuadro de los maltareef

Thanks Chris .... Would I have to download another version of the product to perform the hot backup as the downloaed one is supposed to be used for cold-booting.

el cuadro de los Chris Riley

You can get everything you need from the trialware site:


You need to download the product itself - you obviously already have the recovery disk.

el cuadro de los ScotH

With Ghost no longer available, I figured System Recovery 2013 is the product I should be considering.  Do I have that wrong?  Testing the cold backup capability is important, and the prompt for a license key makes testing impossible. 

el cuadro de los Chris Riley

No, you don't have that wrong. SSR is the migration path for Ghost customers.

If you need a license key to test the cold backup feature, I would recommend that you contact your local Symantec sales office for assistance.