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Linux server BMR restore

Created: 09 Enero 2013 • Updated: 10 Enero 2013 | 3 comments
el cuadro de los Jana.T
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hi everyone,

i would like to do a bare-metal restore of my linux server that is backed up with my BE2012 agent.

as i could see there is no such option for linux servers?! any other suggestion or advise on how to recover my linux server if it crashes?

i'm currently doing a full backup of ROOT, but for restore only 'file restore option' is possible.



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el cuadro de los Chris Riley

You have the wrong product.

The linux agent is not designed for disaster recovery. You might want to consider using SSR for Linux:


Please note that there are some errors on the above link. The product does NOT support restores to different hardware, you can only restore to same hardware. I've made the relevant people aware of this and it will be corrected soon.

el cuadro de los Jana.T

thank you for the response.

i've seen that linux dr is not supported by BE2012 unfotunately that is the only product i currently have.




el cuadro de los Chris Riley

As I said, you should maybe look at SSR for Linux as this is designed for DR.