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Mac support in DLO

Created: 17 Agosto 2012 | 4 comments
el cuadro de los iasKpie

Is it on the roadmap and when?

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el cuadro de los Backup_Exec


Q Is it on the roadmap and when?


As per the above SCL for DLO is not supported as was never supported before. But about the roadmap and when there is no update about same.

It would be good to make a enhancememt request for same by creating idea,so other people who also want same to happen will vote up for you.



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el cuadro de los NeerThadarai

As of now DLO is meant for only Windows Client OS and doesn't support any OS based on Linux kernel.

el cuadro de los ShyamKrishnegowda

As of i know, Yes  MAC support for DLO is on roadmap, but for when , you need to contact for Symanetc prodcut management.    

el cuadro de los DariusM

Symantec should consider DLO Agent for MAC, IT in this world are not only dedicated to Window$