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MS windows forums and unix forums

Created: 21 Sept 2013 • Updated: 09 Nov 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi folks,

Can u plelase provide me handy useful link to MS windows forums and unix forums where experience people like Marianne,mark,nicolai,martin,rookie,wr,stumper,revaroo........ responds.


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el cuadro de los mph999

The one I use is tek-tips.com
Has many different forums for just about everything, even some individual unix commands such as awk and sed.

Regards,  Martin
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el cuadro de los nike_new

Can u please provide the useful link to create the user id for it?

el cuadro de los Marianne


Look for the 'Join Us' link on the left.

I do not belong to any MS or Unix forums.  The Symantec forums and my normal job keep me busy enough.
I'm sure if you google 'Microsoft Windows forum' you will find useful links. Visit all of them. Look at the types of discussions and answers. 

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