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Multiple patch reboot schedules

Created: 31 Enero 2013 • Updated: 05 Febrero 2013 | 2 comments
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Has anyone had the need for multiple or staggered reboot schedules in the patch solution? We need to stagger and/or randomize our reboots for certain sectors of the business. How can this be done without maintaining several cloned Software Update Policies?

An example would be a filter of computers checks in, but we don't want them ALL to resart at the same time. How to stagger that?



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el cuadro de los Roman Vassiljev

Hi Todd,

You may use Default Software Update Plug-in Policy - it may be cloned and then be configured for specific targets.

1. Make clone of Default Software Update Plug-in Policy(Note: it is not recommended to generate clone of Default Software Update Plug-in Policy from another clone - please make clones from original Default Software Update Plug-in Policy)
2. Specify targets for each cloned policy (please ensure that targets include computers with installed Software Update Plug-in)
3. Configure default reboot schedule for each cloned policy.

Hope this helps,

el cuadro de los tloenhorst

Ok, good to know. I have it configured that way already, but wanted to see if there was a more unified way instead of maintaining several install/reboot policies. Thank for your confirmation.