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multiple SQL instances on a single server

Created: 27 Oct 2012 • Updated: 31 Enero 2013 | 1 comentario
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HI guys

i got a new project opened in which we have to configure huge number of SQL policies on NBU master server. 90% servers have multiple instances on each win 2008 servers.

as of now what I do is i create 2 policies 1 full , 1 incremental for each SQL instance on a server. now i hav got servers in my environment which hav 8 SQL instances on a single server. i ended up creating 16 different policies for a single server.

Is there a way or method to backup diffferent\multiple SQL instances of a server in a single netbackup policy ??

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el cuadro de los sazz.

You have to create multiple batch files and include them all in one policy. I mean in the backup selection include all the batch filename to backup multiple instances.


once you have created the multiple instances as per the above TN do the step 8 as per below TN