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NBU Appliances 5200 5220 configuring SMTP "From"

Created: 18 Febrero 2013 • Updated: 22 Febrero 2013 | 5 comments
Se ha solucionado este problema. Vea la solución.

i have a 5200 and a 5220, both at 2.5.1 

Setup the SMTP server and the address for both software and hardware notifications, however, everything is being sent

From: NoReply_NBU_Appliance@netbackup 

so it gets caugth by our Spam service because it doesn't have a proper sender domain ..  (true, and appropriate).

I've looked in the configuration GUI and the CLISH and do not see where I specify "From:" addresses.  Am I missing something?

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el cuadro de los CRZ

Etrack Incident: 2620641
■ Description:
You can configure the email address for the sender (Sender ID) of alerts through
the Set option as shown in the following:
■ In Appliance, go under Settings and click on Email SenderID.
■ Reset to the default Email ID that is used for emails from Appliance.
■ Set the sender Email ID that is used for emails from Appliance.
■ Show the Email ID that is used for emails from Appliance.
Earlier, the Email ID was set to the default NoReply_NBU_Appliance@nbappliance
and the user was unable to reset to the desired address from the appliance shell menu.

This is from page 35 of the 2.5 Release Notes:

NetBackup Appliance 2.5 Release Notes for NetBackup 5200 and 5220

Do those steps above translate into something you can check?

bit.ly/76LBN | APPLBN | 761LBN

el cuadro de los Lynne Seamans

I'm sorry, Chris.  Before I went off on what didn't pan out, I should have said "THANK YOU" for finding that nugget, which I would not have found in like a zillion years...

el cuadro de los Lynne Seamans

Well, no.

Looked at the CLISH, under "Appliance", there is no "Settings"

Looked at the web interface, there is no "Appliance" at all

Checked the release notes, and yup, that's what it says, but notice it says "through the Set option" 

Does anyone know what a "Set" option is?  Or better yet, where it is?

el cuadro de los CRZ

I found an Appliance to test on, and you're right - I can't find this setting in the GUI either.

I had more luck in the CLISH - after trial and error, here's the short path:

Main_Menu> Settings

Settings> Email SenderID Set new@address.com
Email address(es) added successfully
1. new@address.com

Settings> Exit

No wonder you couldn't find Set - first of all, you can't click to get there and second of all, you have to go three levels deep before it's even displayed for you!

So it appears the above Etrack needed to be translated into English.  ;-)  While logged in to the Appliance...nah, they still sound like GUI instructions.  I clicked on everything under the Settings tab and it sure isn't there.

Anyway, from the CLISH, it's Settings > Email SenderID [ Reset | Set | Show ]

Use Set to set it; then use Show to confirm it's in there.

NOW we're in business...I hope!  Try it and let me know if it works.  (If it works, I'll put together a TechNote with this info.  I'm still scared that this may not change your From: address, even after all this - but I'm an optimist!)

bit.ly/76LBN | APPLBN | 761LBN

el cuadro de los Lynne Seamans

That did it, YIPPEE, Chris.  In fact, like, 30 seconds after I hit <enter> on the

Email SendID Set yadayada@millersville.edu  then I got an email telling me of a hardware problem! 

Thank you so much.