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netbackup appliance 5200

Created: 09 Enero 2013 | 3 comments

On the netbackup 5200 appliance, it states that it has the duplication procedures and replication, but when backing up the system to the 5200 , once the backup data its stored on the appliance does it replicates its self from the appliance to the dedicated data centers or is that from the software on the os the replicates to the data centers, for example= client os-->netbackup 5200-->data centers  or client--->datacenters, client --->netbackup 5200


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el cuadro de los Nicolai

Nothing does somthing by itself - you need to configure it to do so.

Can you elobrate what you mean with "Data Centers". 

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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el cuadro de los SYMAJ

Data storage locations are defined via the SLP's (Storage Lifecycle Policies) within Netbackup.  You backup to location A (the 5220) then replicate / duplicate to location B, all defined and controlled within the SLP.

As per above, if you need more detail we will need a better description........


el cuadro de los Mark_Solutions

As the others say you need to configure NetBackup to do the replication for you via SLPs

N5220 appliances will replicate to other N5220 appliances, MSDP or N5020 Appliances

When the replication runs it does actually go directly from appliance to appliance

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