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NetBackup: Backing Up Oracle Exadata

Created: 25 Junio 2012 | 3 comments

Hi.  We just ordered an Oracle Exadata (and when I say "we", I mean my managers), and am now being told that in order to back it up, we need to purchase a ZFS appliance.

Is there another way to back up the data from the Oracle Exadata?  We only back up RMAN dumps and logs, which are usually on a separate filesystem.  I'm going to guess that these will still be on the Exadata, but I think you can still do these dumps to an NFS share and back it up on that NFS server.  Has anyone found a solution to do this without paying $$$$$$$$$ to Oracle?

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el cuadro de los revarooo

You can use a NetBackup database agent to backup Oracle Exadata.

el cuadro de los AlanTLR


  How is it installed?  You install it directly on the Exadata?  We want the fastest backup available and don't want to go over IP.  We can SAN-attach our tape drives to an external media server, but not (according to Oracle) to the Exadata.