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Netbackup client license replace

Created: 21 Sept 2013 • Updated: 22 Sept 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi all,

In our environment we are planning to replace one of our client machine(solaris) to another client machine(Solaris). So please help us how to use the same client's license to the new client server.

thanks in advance,



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el cuadro de los RamNagalla

there is no specific licence model that that work or client on client basis i believe..

you will have the license on number of clients that you can add to the Master server..

so as you are removing one and adding another it would not chage.. so go ahead and configure it.. 

el cuadro de los Marianne

Nagalla is 100% right.

You purchase X amount of Cross-platform client licenses. The key(s) are added on the Master server.
No licenses are added on clients.

So, there is no need to do anything as far as licenses are concerned - simply install new client and add a policy.

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