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Oracle DB on VmWare ESX5.0

Created: 06 DEC 2012 • Updated: 07 DEC 2012 | 2 comments
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I m using BE V-Ray Edition, curently I m an admin of an highly virtualized enviroment. V-Ray has lots of good functions and sadly bugs(not few), I solved lots of them via this forum, thanks to people.. We have nearly every product, SAP, Oracle, MS SQL, Active Directory, Sharepoint, etc...

I need to decrease the size of backup window, for MS product it is easy, BE has very good sturcture for that. But for Oracle, I have some suspicions;

If I want to backup via vCenter (NOT directly on Oracle server);

-Currently my VSS selection is MS VSS --auto vss mode sometimes crash so I switched it to MS VSS..-- , can it really backup without crashing any transaction?

-When I try to create a backup job via vCenter for Oracle, I dont see any selection for Oracle, are there any solution?

or should I backup directly on Oracle server? That really generates unnecessary workload, first I have to get VM backup every day for disaster purposes and after that I should backup Oracle and folders to truncate logs etc... which is doubling my backup size, etc...

Thanks for your time,


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With Backup exec there is no Application GRT backup for oracle yet as like it is for Exchange ,SQL etc running on a Viriual machine ,So yes only to do backup of it is backup the whole VMDK using Vmware agent & to protect Oracle backup using Oracle agent

Hope that helps



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Well Oracle GRT could be great, for Oracle on VM forces me to take a second backup...Anyway thanks for the response...