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Patch Filter Update Interval

Created: 13 Sept 2012 | 8 comments

My current MS patch update Interval is set to check every 4 hours, daily. Is this the default.  ?

I've noticed  my servers, 4 hour maint window, Install the first set of patches and reboot but seem to miss the next patches that should be installed after that reboot. Is this caused by the 4 hour setting mentioned above and a 4 hour maint window ?


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el cuadro de los Dmitri Sarin

Hi Joe,

I guess you are referring to 7,1 SP2 version?

4 hours is the default value for Windows System Assessment Scan policy.

If your environment is configured with maintenance window in 4 hour then this may be an answer why the next patches do not install after a reboot.



el cuadro de los Mistral

Don't forget, after the scan (which will be redone immediately after installing ~ "verification"), in addition it might take up to 30 minutes to update the targets of the next set of patch policies + the configuration update interval of your clients to get the policies.

el cuadro de los BugTastic

Ok - this is confusing.

My patch filter update interval is 4 hours.
My Installation Schedule for the servers is every 4 hours.
My Maintenance window is 4 hours.

What would you suggest I change to make the patches install quicker on the server.?
If I reduce the Patch Filter update Interval will this have any impact on the clients ?


el cuadro de los Mistral

Filter Update will have impact on the server, not on the clients.

What is you configuration update interval (polling for policies - Y)?

The timeline is:

Scan -> NS -> Update Filters (every X) -> Get Policy (every Y) -> Install/Scan (every Z) -> ...

You set X and Z to 4 hours.

Worst case: X+Y+Z

Anyway, if you install only every 4 hours, this is only one "stage" within your maintainance window, no matter how you configured in the other schedules.

el cuadro de los BugTastic

so my client update is set to one hour. worst case is 9 hours. doh!

OK. i'll set the install scheule for 1 hour and patch filter update window to 1 hours. (is this advised)

that would be 3 hours worst case!


el cuadro de los Mistral

The default patch filter update interval is 30 minutes ... so might be ok.

Just monitor your server performance for a while.

The task can be found in the task scheduler of the OS. It is the last one in the list "NS.Windows ... something" ... you can run it manually and check how long it takes.

el cuadro de los BugTastic

will give it a go - thanks. The task is called NS.Microsoft


el cuadro de los Mistral

NS.Microsoft was the name before the new patch management in SP1(b?).