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Permission setting for UNC definition share folder

Created: 11 DEC 2012 • Updated: 12 DEC 2012 | 3 comments

We create a UNC share folder on LUA server for definition distribution. Please refer to attached screen.The path is at \\LUA-Server\symantec_definition

My question is , what permission setting in sharing and security tab on this share folder? Which account must be granted permission for definition write and client read ?


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el cuadro de los pete_4u2002

the user who can write and read the files.

note that MAC client will not get the updates from UNC


el cuadro de los SymQNA

Hi Symantec support

"the user who can write and read the files." It's my question. UNC share folder is for LUA to distribute the downloaded definition file to,and for clientserver to get definition from at scheduled time. I believe it is not set by us. It should be default by LUA program ,right?

el cuadro de los pete_4u2002

LUA once installed and set the distribution , the files will be copied here.

then the client will take the settings from LU policy to connect to UNC for updates. If the clients are able to access the UNC there should not be any issue.