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PGP Desktop Client not Starting ("Starting PGP" forever)

Created: 14 Febrero 2013 • Updated: 29 Abril 2013 | 4 comments
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PGP Desktop. Mac. Mac OS X 10.7.5 and PGP Desktop has been working perfectly. I use it to encrypt and decrypt the clipboard.

Now, when I startup PGP.app, I get a window "Starting PGP" that sits there forever. Cannot use any commands in PGP except for "Quit."

Please help.

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el cuadro de los Alex_CST

Have you upgraded your OSX?  I would suggest upgrading PGP to the latest version 10.3 as this has more robust compatibility with OSX.

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el cuadro de los SallyShears

Thanks, Alex, for the comment. No, it's not a version issue with PGP or the OS.

Turns out this is a Java dependency. I had removed Java from my system a while ago, but had never re-launched PGP. Without Java, PGP Desktop 10.2 won't start and gives the "Starting PGP" forever. The installer for 10.3 also fails without Java. 

Solution is to bring back Java and all is well again. In my case, probably because of the way I removed Java, it took a reinstall of OS X to put things right. It was pretty nerve-wracking to lose access to my material encrypted with PGP Desktop.

el cuadro de los PGP_Ben

I'm marking Sally Shears last comment as the solution since this was a Java issue.

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el cuadro de los Alex_CST

Yea that is interesting, there is hardly any documentation about PGP's Java requirements, I put up a thread a little while ago which has tumbleweeds going through it.  

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