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PGP Universal Certificate Harvesting

Created: 30 Abril 2013 | 1 comentario


I'm new to PKI and PGP Universal and I've been asked if it supports files with the P7S extension (generated by Google - gmail I'm assuming).

As I understand things at the moment, P7S files are created when someone encrypts an email.  The P7S file contains a PKCS #7 certificate.

Will PGP Universal be able to harvest the key in a PS7 file (SMIME.ps7)?

Thank you.

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The P7S-extension, or probably the attachment "smime.p7s", is a default of the S/MIME standard (see also the information on the Wikipedia article below). And yes, PGP Universal Server / Symantec Encryption Management Server supports S/MIME and is able to read the contained PKCS #7 certificate from these e-mails.

See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S/MIME

To add on the side, with S/MIME you have several extensions but the most common are:
.p7m = Signed and Encrypted
.p7s = Signed only

I am no longer a Symantec employee.