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PGPDesktop Deployment

Created: 02 Mayo 2013 | 2 comments


I have deployed a Symantec Encryption Management Server 3.3 and we are running an internal keyserver in running a mix of CKM and GKM. Users are responsible for generating and storing their keys. Security wishes to remove the default global keyserver.pgp.com keyserver and not allow any user from sending keys to any external key servers. I was able to successfully remove it from the keyserver list and deploy a new client to a fresh machine, but keyserver.pgp.com is showing up as a keyserver option for that user. 

I know that I can delete the keyserver after the client has logged in, but is there a way to remove that keyserver from the installer?

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el cuadro de los Alex_CST

May I ask - why do you want to remove it from keys.pgp.com?  It's only the public keys, there's 0 danger at all to it.  All your keys will be available on your own encryption server on keys.server.com anyway, removing it to pgp.com only limits the functionality of your pgp installation

But anyway - there will be something else in your policy thats setting it, publishing to keys.pgp.com is not a default configuration

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el cuadro de los sven_frank

HI Jose,

so you want to edit the predefined list of Key Servers which are searchable via LDAP. 

Like Alex sayed this is only for searching Public Keys. 

When you have Server enforced policies for Mail this List isn't touched or evealuated at all.

It can be used to querry for Keys but they still need to be valid / verified to be used. 

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